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Want to give a shout out to our friends at Youth Basketball Camps. With the largest directory of basketball camps in the world, they connect parents and players to over 5,000 basketball camps.

They also provide reviews of the most popular camps. Check out the Quick Handle Basketball camp review on their website.

 A testimonial message from their founder:

"What I love about Quick Handle Basketball Camps is their commitment to excellence. Every camper has the expectation to give it their best and in return the coaches do too. I highly recommend Quick Handle to any young athlete looking to improve their basketball game." - Blake Stockton, Founder Youth-Basketball-Camps

Reminder #1

It has been brought to my attention that numerous families intend on signing up for camp but are still trying to work with our new & enhanced registration platform.  So I have extended our early bird discount cut off date to May 10th.

Take advantage of our early bird discount & sign up before May 1, 2016 for June camps & June 1, 2016 for July & August camps & receive a free complimentary gift-"The Competitive Warrior Journal "E-Book" ($10.00 value)!

Reminder #2

We have just confirmed our final Woodinville Camp July 18, 20- Camp Details & Sign-Up Click Here...


Quick Handle is strongly considering because of distance & travel concerns to add a Mid-West All Star camp in Jonesboro or St. Louis, Arkansas June Saturday 25th.  I would like to hear from you & will make a decision based on your feedback.  Please email me at and let me know your thoughts.  Thank you!

Take advantage of our early bird discount & sign up before May 10, 2016 for June camps & June 1, 2016 for July & August camps & receive a free complimentary gift-"The Competitive Warrior Journal "E-Book" ($10.00 value)!

Our summer camps are listed by state below.

If you’d like an overview of our camps program and to learn more about what camp level might be appropriate for a player, visit our 

Camp Overview page.   All grades listed for camps are based on the fall of 2016!  All camps are subject to cancellation if a required minimum number is not met!  Full refunds will be provided.

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Take advantage of our early bird discount & sign up before May 10, 2016 for June camps & June 1, 2016 for July & August camps & receive a free complimentary gift-"The Competitive Warrior Journal" E-Book" ($10.00 value)!

Camp Calendar--Note: For Camp Details


Conway Heat Ball-Handling Camp- June 1-3th Active

Jonesboro Heat Ball-Handling Camp- June 6-8  Active

Mt Home-Youth Appreciation Week- June 13-17th Active

Cotter Heat Ball-Handling Camp- June 20-21 Active


Dublin Heat/QFS Camp- June 27-29th Active

Dublin Elite Point Guard Camp- June 30-July 1 Active

Redding Heat Ball-Handling Camp- July 21-22 Active


West Plains Heat Ball-Handling Camp- Active

St. Louis Heat Ball-Handling Camp- Active


Klamath Falls Heat Ball-Handling Camp- Active

Portland Heat Ball-Handling Camp- Active

Roseburg Heat Ball-Handling Camp- Active

Portland MVP-Elite Point Guard Camp- Active

Portland Elite All Star Camp- Active


Mercer Island Heat Ball-Handling Camp- Active

Everett Heat Ball-Handling Camp- Active

Woodinville Heat Ball-Handling Camp- Active

Mercer Island Quick Trigger Shooting Camp- Active

Columbia Athletics Club (Pinelake) Heat Ball-Handling Camp- Active

If you are serious about taking your game to the next level and want to be pushed to the limits physically, mentally & with dynamic quality skill development then our camps will be a perfect fit. Ball handing, shooting, triple threat, quick first step, point guard & all star camps will be available throughout 5 different states. The complete 2016 camp schedule will be available for registration soon.

Clinics/Team Training

Interest in Hosting a Quick Handle clinic to conduct a tailored clinic for your community or school? Also unique team training options are available.

Private Training

The best training around!  Over 20 years of basketball training experience and with unique FIBA coaching certification makes our program distinctly one of a kind.  Tuff as nails individual training is available. The training consists of tailored skill development drills, along with competitive drills that are timed & designed to challenge, handle pressure & instill confidence.

Mental Toughness Training

Confidence is a major factor in handling pressure, overcoming obstacles, developing a winning mindset and achieving your goals.  We offer cutting toughness training for those that are seeking a maximized mindset.

New Book-"Maximizing Your Results"

My new book "Maximizing Your Results" is completed and ready for you to order! This is a must read & if you want to be motivated & gain supreme confidence to "Go For It", you need to obtain your copy today.  You & your family are invited to attend our book launch speaking event.

Note: If you are looking for a speaker to inspire, challenge and motivate then Coach Mendo is available upon request.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to book him as a speaker!!! Visit Our Speaking/Coaching Web Site

For more information and brochures about these specific training programs, please visit us on our new web

Have a Maximized Year!!

The Sky is the Limit-Failure is not an option if you "Go For It" 

Coach Mendo

Professional Basketball Trainer - Quick Handle

Certified FIBA - USA Licensed Coach

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Coach Mendo

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