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Coach Mendo is the founder, owner and director of Quick Handle™ Basketball since 1993 and a FIBA Certified Licensed Coach (Learn more about FIBA here). Coach has had the privilege of coaching for 26 years in a variety of capacities as a Player Coach, Youth, AAU, High School, College Assistant, Head College and Head Overseas Coach. This diversity has allowed Coach Mendo to succeed at numerous levels, and relate to every type of athlete. Coach Mendo has instructed his Quick Handle™ program in camps, clinics and academies to well over 25,000 participants.

Quick Handle™ is a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind program that features many unique basketball training platforms. The Quick Handle™ foundation is an intense and fundamental skills program teaching ball handling and moves off the dribble based on the unique and revolutionary concept of single-handed ball control. QH Camp founder, owner & director 16 years (7 states) Conducted numerous clinics world wide Founded QH academies & classes Personal trainer- all ages including college and professional level players Author- 7 publications: Quick Handle Single Handed Ball-Control; Box “D” 1 on 1; The Total Point Guard; Game Time; Point Guard Journal; Think Smart Journal; Competitive Warrior Journal. Training DVD’s- Advantage, Trigger, Killer Crossover, Quick First Step, Extreme Core, Virtually Unstoppable.

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