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Specialized Skill Training Class

There are several types of skills training classes available through QuickHandle.

You MUST reserve your spot in each class in order to attend. If you have purchased a skills package you must still reserve a spot. Players with skills packages will not be allowed in a class if it is already full. If you are coming on a walk-in basis, you must also reserve a spot. Please bring a check with you to your class.

  • Point Guard
  • Shooting
  • Box Defense on Ball
  • Quick First Step
  • Post/Guard


Mental Toughness & Pressure Performance Training

We will teach you dynamic visualizing techniques and exercising to give you a mental edge in the game. You will fear nothing, embrace big challenges and handle pressure with supreme poise.

The program is tailored to a player’s specific needs and goals. Being a winner both on and off the court starts by being a winner within. Developing this winning mentality can be done, and if you are willing to engage in developing your mentally tough-clutch mind set you will be well on your way to achieving your dreams and reaching your goals.

Fundamentally Sound Recreation Training

Quick Handle believes that implementing its Fundamentally Sound program for first- through eighth-graders will provide either one or both of  two criteria.

  1. Give a player a unique head start in cutting-edge training
  2. Help a player who is behind a little bit in terms of skill development catch up and position their game to compete at the next level (Select or AAU level)
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