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Christmas Clinics 2018!!!

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Issaquah Clinic:

Everett Clinic:

Clinics & Team Training

Quick Handle™ provides a wide variety of clinics, including ball-handling, quick-release shooting, unique individual and team passing, pivoting and specialized footwork and many more — even coaching clinics. Any combination of clinic can be designed.

To sharpen your skills, stay on top of your game and increase your capacity to push yourself while at the same time enhance your skills, you need to attend one of our classic Christmas clinics or school break clinics. These clinics are short but highly challenging and the results will be amazing.

Team Training

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Quick Handle™ is proud to introduce an amazing team training platform.  With over 20 years of individual skill development, clinics and private training formats, QH is now offering teams the benefit of their unique experience and skill development training strategies.  If your team is looking to gain that distinct over the competition and wants cutting - edge training with a reliable and proven track record of experience the Quick Handle is your teams choice.

Clinics Local

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 Clinics on the Road

Coach Mendo regularly travels to host clinics on the go. If you’d like to talk to Coach Mendo about scheduling a clinic in your location, click here.

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