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Maddie Hill- Powerful Example Of Excellence

Maddie Hill is a another example of a Quick Handle player that had a phenomenal High School basketball career.  She represents everything that Quick Handle stands for.  Maddie and her Arch Bishop team had a amazing season making it to the State Championship game.  Maddie will be attending and playing at Regis University this fall. …
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Quick Handle The 4 F’s Camp Success!

The 4 F's of Success! At a Quick Handle Basketball Camp you will experience the following:  1. Friendship- Our camps are designed to create opportunities to get outside your comfort zone and meet new friends from other schools or locations.  The bonding and interaction that is unique to our camp experience cannot be replicated in…
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RESOLVE TO BE EXTRAORDINARY MOTIVATIONAL NEWSLETTER So much of what I find today in the sports arena and generally in the world is a lack of resolve.  We are easy to compromise, change course, look for something new, be non-committal , have our hands in too many things; all in the futile effort and hope…
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