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Quick Handle 2018 Summer Camp Schedule! 

SPRING/SUMMER CAMP SCHEDULE  Quick Handle welcomes you to enroll your child in a confirmed summer camp!  

2018 Summer Camp Schedule!! SIGN UP TODAY!!

4 Amazing Discounts!!!

1. Early Bird Discount--*EARLY REGISTRATION SPECIAL!!! SIGN UP BY  June 15 for July Camps— ($10per player for 2 day camps & $15 per player for 3 day camps)--

A complimentary gift IS included to those campers that meet the early registration deadline-MOTIVATIONAL PDF: HOW TO BECOME A TOP ATHLETE AND DEVELOP THE EYE OF THE TIGER! 

2. Sibling Discount-- ($10 per additional sibling)

3. Multi-Camp Discount- Sign up for 2 or more 2017 summer camps and receive an extra $25.00 off each camp, starting with the 2nd camp.

4. Team Discount-- Team discount ($10 per player for 5 or more players).  Verification will be expected at registration on opening day of camp.


  1. NO discounts All Star Classic Camp (early, sibling, multi camp etc.)
  2. ALL discounts only APPLY to Quick Handle Camps going through our Active registration platform.  Discounts do not apply to the Mercer Island, Arch BishopColumbia Athletic Club and Bear Creek School Camps.

Our summer camps are listed by state below.

If you’d like an overview of our camps program and to learn more about what camp level might be appropriate for a player, visit our Camp Overview page.   All grades listed for camps are based on the fall of 2017!  All camps are subject to cancellation if a required minimum number is not met!  Full refunds will be provided.

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Camp Brochure Outside Camp Brochure Inside

If you prefer to register by mail, please print and fill out Web Site Mail In Registration-Form 2018 and send it to PO Box 14834 Mill Creek, WA 98082.  

**Please DO NOT email this registration form back to us!! This form is strictly for mail-in registration!! 


Take advantage of our early bird discount & sign up before May 15, 2018 for June camps & June 15, 2018 for July & August camps & receive a free complimentary gift-Motivational PDF: How To Become A Top Athlete and Develop The Eye Of The Tiger!


Mt Home-Youth Appreciation Day June 14, 2018: Confirmed

Mt Home Heat Ball-Handling Camp-June 11-13 2018: Confirmed 

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Dublin Heat/QFS Camp-June 25-27 2018: Confirmed

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Dublin Quick Trigger Shooting Camp-June 28-29 2018: Confirmed

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West Plains Heat Ball-Handling Camp June 4-6 2018: Confirmed 

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St. Louis Quick Trigger Camp June 7-8 2018: Confirmed

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Mid-West Elite All Star Classic-June 15, 2018: Confirmed 

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Lakeview Heat Ball-Handling Camp-June 18-20 2018: Confirmed

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Klamath Falls Heat Ball-Handling Camp-July 17-19 2018: Confirmed 

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Portland Heat Ball-Handling Camp-July 9-12 2018: Confirmed 

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Portland Trigger Shooting Camp-July 23-25 2018: Confirmed 

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Elite All Star Classic-2018: Portland, OR: TBD 

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Mercer Island Heat Ball-Handling Camp- July 9-12 2018: Confirmed 

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Sultan Heat Ball-Handling Camp- July 28-29 2018: Confirmed

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Everett QH Junior Shooting Camp-July 30-Aug 1 2018: Confirmed

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Everett QH Elite Shooting Camp-July 30-Aug 1 2018: Confirmed

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Columbia Athletics Club (Pine Lake) Elite & MVP Heat Ball-Handling Camps-Aug 6-8 2018: Confirmed

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Bear Creek School Junior QFS/Heat Ball-Handling Camp-Aug 6-10 2018: Confirmed 

Bear Creek School Elite QFS/Heat Ball-Handling Camp-Aug 6-10 2018: Confirmed 

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