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Quick Handle

Breaking News!
It is with tremendous pleasure and pride that we share the good news of the launching of two new web sites.
Quick Handle:
Next Step Athletics:

Quick Handle:
The Quick Handle web site is designed to provide a user friendly touch and easy access to register for events.  Basically, the web site is set up with 2 particular strategies;  1) On Site Events: These are events that we have set up and cover a wide range of training platforms; &  2) Coach To Go: These are training platforms that you, the community, can request Quick Handle to come and provide specific and designated training for your team, organization, school, city or state etc.

All of the training platforms have designated video clips to help enhance an understanding and awareness of what Quick Handle is offering.  Further, we have set up an appointment calendar for anyone to secure an appointment time with Coach Mendo to discuss your specific needs. 

Event Registration: The web site is very interactive with a wide variety of options and easy online registration.  You can register for On Site Events two ways; All Events tab, or by going to the particular training platform and see only those events listed for registration.  You can sign up for multiple events as well!

Spring Training: Academies, specialized classes and a few private training slots are still open and available.  Don’t miss out on these tremendous opportunities.  Mental toughness training opportunities are only available by appointment (coach to go) or email

Summer Camps: All of our camps, except for just a few are confirmed and ready for registration. Sacramento, Phoenix and a couple more in Washington are near to confirming.  The camps cover a wide range of training platforms that are displayed on the web site.  Culminating our summer season will be 2 Elite All Star Camps (one for the youger players & one for the older players) that are extremely popular, requiring a player to attend a Quick Handle camp and be invited to participate in this extremely unique and competitive camp.  All of our QH camps are designed to develop intensity, a competitive spirit, confidence and a love and passion for the game that will light a fire to dream big and go for it with all your heart.  Take advantage of the best specialized camps around!!

Next Step Athletics: Our NSA web site is a non-profit organization.  All our QH AAU teams fall under our NSA banner and web site.  Everything related to our AAU program will be staged on this web site.  The essence of NSA is to enhance youth development, provide competitive opportunities, assist with need based and talent scholarships all of which are designed to strengthen habits of discipline, develop strong core character values and promote sportsmanship and respect for authority.  The web site looks really good with several features that we are still putting the finishing touches on.

We believe that both of these web sites are just another step in demonstrating to the world that we are serious about building on our 19 years of credible service, by being the very best in the 3 following areas: year round training, AAU opportunities and our top notch summer basketball camps.  We also have other exciting areas that we plan on introducing very soon, so get ready!


“Success is about 100% Commitment”

Coach Mendo

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