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QUICK HANDLE VOW NEWSLETTER  VOW is a unique word that conveys powerful connotations.  It is a word of supreme commitment and a level of being utterly sold out to a cause.  A vow goes beyond a goal in the sense that it is more proactive and forward thinking with the idea of complete devotion and…
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Passion & Poise

Basketball coaches and parents have to do a lot of things well to help a player to maximum potential. I've got a couple of videos I'd like to share with you today that will help you do that for your athlete. Great coaches must have the 3 P's:  Personality, Philosophy, and Passion.  Watch these short…
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Quick Handle: Mental Toughness Training!!

At Quick Handle Basketball, we are fully vested in helping athletes develop into a complete player. In addition to physical skills and conditioning, a player must also work on his/her mental game in order to realize full potential.   I have recently partnered with Craig Sigl, the mental toughness trainer and did an interview where…
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Quick Handle PURE NEWSLETTER In this crazy & fast paced world of basketball there appears to be 2 competing and conflicting opinions;  1)  A passive attitude on the part of parents and players to just have fun and approach the game with a positive attitude-- no real serious commitment, and it’s all about self-esteem &…
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