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Quick Handle PURE NEWSLETTER In this crazy & fast paced world of basketball there appears to be 2 competing and conflicting opinions;  1)  A passive attitude on the part of parents and players to just have fun and approach the game with a positive attitude-- no real serious commitment, and it’s all about self-esteem &…
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Experiencing the Power of Momentum

Quick Handle Newsletter May 2011 Experiencing the Power of Momentum The ultimate goal in the process of competing in practice, conditioning and ultimately live game competition is to come out with a great experience.  The pursuit of this experience is to produce a memory that will bring great satisfaction and lasting joy. (more…)
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The Power of Wow

January 2011 THE POWER OF WOW (Is it in you?) It is true; there is something deep within all of us that wants to achieve greatness and wants others to acknowledge the greatness that we are striving to achieve. The sad reality is that for most players, their dream of greatness and achieving something extraordinary…
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