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RESOLVE TO BE EXTRAORDINARY MOTIVATIONAL NEWSLETTER So much of what I find today in the sports arena and generally in the world is a lack of resolve.  We are easy to compromise, change course, look for something new, be non-committal , have our hands in too many things; all in the futile effort and hope…
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Maximized Living! Please Read!

Dear Friends: I would like to share with you 2 new and exciting opportunities.  First, my new book "Maximizing Your Results" has recently been completed! This is a must read & if you want to be inspired and motivated to gain supreme confidence and a "Go For It"attitude, you need to obtain your copy today. I am excited as a professional speaker…
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  QUICK HANDLE-BASKETBALL CAMPS   MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS     ANNOUNCEMENT #1: POST CAMP WORKOUT (CALLED 365)- ONE OF A KINDNE A Sneak Preview 365 Video Clip This specialized workout & additional video link for all levels covering ball-handling, moves off the dribble & shooting drills will provide the ultimate post camp off-season challenge for campers…
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Developing a Off-Season Winning Mindset

Motivational Video Message Developing a Off-Season Winning Mindset Video Message Message Outline Acronym: RUN R: Relentless U: Up the Ante N: Never Quit or Give Up Private Training-Mental Toughness Opportunities Dynamic Camps Early sign up- receive Competitive Warrior Journal E-Book Book Launch—Maximizing Your Results Date: April 30, 2016 Time: 12-3:00pm Location: Eastlake Highschool Theater Address:…
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