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Quick Handle Camps 2017-Breaking News!

QUICK HANDLE-BASKETBALL CAMPS   BREAKING NEWS!! We are pleased to announce a new camp and location is confirmed in Corvallis, OR July 5-7, 2017!!   Heat Ball Handling Camp G3 Sports and Fitness Club Corvallis, OR July 5-7, 2017   Camp Description   Camp Updates!!  Early Bird Discount - only 3 days remaining.  It has been requested that…
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Resolve To Be Extraordinary

RESOLVE TO BE EXTRAORDINARY MOTIVATIONAL NEWSLETTER So much of what I find today in the sports arena and generally in the world is a lack of resolve.  We are easy to compromise, change course, look for something new, be non-committal , have our hands in too many things; all in the futile effort and hope…
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QH June Camps-Early Bird Discount-Only 2 Days Remaining!

QUICK HANDLE-BASKETBALL CAMPS     QH Reminders!! June Camps Benton-Heat Ball-Handling Camp St. Louis-Quick Trigger Shooting Camp Mountain Home-Heat Ball-Handling Camp West Plains-Heat Ball-Handling Camp Dublin-Quick First Step/Heat Ball-Handling Camp Dublin-Quick Trigger Shooting Camp Only 3 days remaining for the June QH camps to receive the early bird discount. By registering early you will also receive…
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